Thank you for your interest in the 7th Annual 2019 Newberry Event!  We want you to Vend with us.  We are easily available to answer any questions by phone or email, to make the Event as successful as possible for everyone.   General Festival E-Mail:  Craft Vendor Coordinator, Rex Lesueur. Email: Phone: 541-815-7180 Director/Food Vendors, Doug Watt. Email: Cell Phone: 541-536-4584 A few important notes before signing up:
  1. This is a 501c3 Charity Fundraising Music and Arts festival. We’re looking for primarily handmade arts and crafts vendors. Some products may be non-handmade if they go along with other handmade items.  Other non-handmade items may be allowed. Contact us to discuss your product.
  2. In addition to the Vendor fee, we ask vendors to donate an item or gift basket to the silent auction and raffle. This helps keep vendor prices low with the main goal of raising money to “Defeat MS!”. The past six silent auctions have raised almost $9,000!  A big “THANK YOU!” to vendors who donated.  The auction is a big part of event success, so please donate generously.  Auction proceeds directly benefit the Oregon National Multiple Sclerosis Society as well as Central Oregon MS patients’ needs.
  3. Space is limited, and we try to not have too many similar items, (i.e. jewelry or tattoo vendors), in order to give your product exclusivity. If your products are in a category like that, sign up soon.
  4. Food Vendors are asked to donate 20 meals. Food vendors are responsible for their own licensing and required to carry their own insurance.
  5. If you’re ready to commit, complete and sign the application and rules sheet, and return it to the email, then mail with a check to the address listed, and we’ll get back to you ASAP to confirm your space. You can also scan or text it to us, and give us a credit card (4% Credit Card fee) over the phone to charge your Vendor fee, send a check, or pay with paypal online below. 
*Ask questions, we’re here to help facilitate another smooth & enjoyable event, rewarding for all.

Two ways to apply as a Vendor to the 2019 Newberry Event

  1. Printable 2019 Newberry Event Vendor Application to download and mail with a check.
  2. Or use the online form below and pay by PaylPal or Credit Card.
Please describe the art/craft that you are selling. Also upload photos of your art/craft or service below.
Upload photos of your art/craft if you do not have a website that displays your art.
Provide us with your website if you have one.
Please describe your food or beverage products, set up and experience. Food vendors are responsible for their own licensing and are required to carry their own insurance. Tell us if you need electricity/free. Booth Space Request – Requests are not guaranteed; spaces are limited. Final space assignments are determined by the Newberry Event Coordinators.
Provide us with your website if you have one.
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Your signature indicates that you have read the application and rules sheet.